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Tamuz 5774 July 2014

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   Toward the end of the traditional weekday morning prayer service, just before we conclude and prepare for our dealings with the world
around us, a series of prayers known as Tachanun is recited.  Tachanun is translated as a plea for G-d’s grace and compassion, and it
represents a moment of intimate prayer connection with our Heavenly Redeemer on behalf of ourself and our people.

    At a point late in the
Tachanun service we address G-d as
Shomer Yisrael/Guardian of Israel,Shomer Goy Echad/Guardian of a Unique Nation, and
Shomer Goy Kadosh/Guardian of a Holy Nation, and among the prayers offered is that Hashem would guard the remnant of
    Israel, and that none would perish.  One of the scriptural sources of this prayer spoken over the remnant of Israel is Zephaniah 3:13,
    where it says “
She’erit Yisrael Lo-Ya’asu Av’lah/The remnant of Israel will not do wrong, nor will they speak lies, nor will there be found
    in their mouths a tongue given over to deceit; for they will be able to graze and lie down, with no one to disturb them.” (CJB) Throughout
    history, within the House of Israel a faithful remnant, often in the minority, has honored its spiritual heritage and has committed to
    maintain covenant relationship with G-d despite pressures to assimilate into or compromise with the world.

   And the apostle James, in Acts 15, reminds us that Messianic Gentiles too can participate in restoring and preserving a faithful Jewish remnant: ‘”After this, I will return; and I will rebuild the fallen tent of David. I will rebuild its ruins, so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord, that is, all the Goyim who have been called by my name,” says Adonai, who is doing these things. (Amos 9:11-12 CJB)
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Adult Education     

Beit Midrash

The latter part of the Beit Midrash season consisted of alternating between the rendering of teachings on such topics as Witnesses of the Power of His Holy Name, “Snoozing” with the Rabbi, Tikkun Olam, How to Conduct a Seder in the Home and Yom Habikkurim and teachings rendered by Melanie Sollenberger, Michael Sanders and Kay Hemmings on the Hebrew aleph bet. We ran into some scheduling challenges and a number of cancellations due to various reasons. We are now on a break for the Summer and won’t resume the Beit Midrash portion of our adult education until a date in September. We may have an occasional Hebrew teaching scheduled during the summer as teachers are available. We take this opportunity to encourage those who are still endeavoring to learn the Hebrew aleph bet to continue to practice, practice, practice! Many purchased the Word-by-Word CD programs of Deuteronomy and some purchased Genesis, Proverbs and a few others. Michael Sanders was instrumental in sharing with us how the Word-by-Word program works. It is an excellent CD which enables one to study at his/her own pace, learn the meaning of Hebrew words, learn the pronunciation of Hebrew words and provides for an interactive review of each lesson in addition to tracking one’s progress.

Sisterhood News


Eshet Chayil sponsored a tea for the Ladies of Ohev, “the Sisterhood,” at the lovely garden setting of Rachel Ewell on May 2nd at 4:00 in the afternoon. A back deck had been built and enclosed by Enrigo Benitzio especially for the occasion. Treasurer Fabiola Sanders had rented round tables and tablecloths for the Sisterhood’s tea. There was an assortment of divine dainties that were provided by Alexis’ chef friend, Jennifer, with the help of Vice-President Alexis. Secretary Etta Caldwell offered a prayer of Thanksgiving to open the tea festivities.

All the ladies were in their best dressed finery including fancy hats.  


The event was well attended and there were no empty seats in the house! President Carol Diaz presented the annual Woman of Valor award to Carla McGhee for her selfless dedication to the

Body of Messiah. Jean Brown won the prize for the best hat.


The food was fantastic, the hats were glorious and the fellowship was fun. Then our hostess, Rachel, spoke to the ladies about the importance of prayer and their role in praying for their families, our congregation, and our relationship to the world. We were all blessed by her wisdom and hospitality to the Sisterhood of Ohev, Eshet Chayil. Thank you, Rachel, for your wonderful hospitality



Ohev Family  


The Benevolence Committee asks for your help as the need for financial assistance continues to grow faster than the contributions. If you can possibly contribute to the welfare of our Ohev families in need, please consider this a request for your donations. The families of Ohev and your Benevolence Committee thank you for your generous giving.

May HaShem richly bless

you for your faithfulness to His community.



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July Anniversaries

Dennis & Melanie Sollenberger

July 14


Providing a congregational home for Jewish believers in Yeshua and for believing Gentiles called to serve Messiah within the Messianic Jewish community
 Shacharit Service Saturdays at 8:30 am
Shabbat Service  10:00 am

Michael Rudolph

Congregational Leader


Rabbi Rudolph

The Rabbi’s Corner   



I sometimes receive questions about Messianic Judaism from folks who have visited Ohev’s web site. This one was written by a Taiwanese Christian woman who has become interested in Messianic Judaism:


Her Question:

I’ve listened to your recent message ‘Participating in the wider Jewish Community’ on Ohev Yisrael’s website; just a portion of it; I’ll finish it later. The topic somewhat matches what I’m now reading about Dan Juster’s ‘Inclusion versus Replacement’. I’m a little confused by so many ‘groups’ and some terms. I’m also getting confused with the term ‘Christian’. Before I learned anything about Israel and Jewish people, I simply thought that whoever accepts Jesus as their own Savior would be called ‘Christian’, including Jews. Then I became aware that ‘Messianic Jews refer to Jews who receive Jesus as ‘Messiah’, a follower of Yeshua. At first I thought that’s just how Jewish believers refer to themselves, until I found that in the Complete Jewish Bible, in Acts 11:26, it says: ‘It was in Antioch that the talmidim for the first time were called ”Messianic”. I was surprised because in my old Bible (NIV), written in English and Chinese, it says ‘Christian’, and the same translation in Chinese.  That’s how we know where the term ‘Christian’ comes from. But now I find that the followers of Yeshua were actually first called ‘Messianic’ – not ‘Christian’.  What is the difference between the two of them? In Dr. Juster’s book, he says that Messianic Jews don’t want to be called Christians. Why? And where actually does the term ‘Christian’ come from? It seems that it never appears in the Complete Jewish Bible.


My Answer:

Please understand that the word “Christian” is an English word that does not appear in Acts 11:26.  The Greek word there is Χριστιανούς, which means “follower of Messiah.”  The word “Messiah” is translated as “Christ” in most English language New Testaments, and that is why Χριστιανούς in Acts 11:26, is most often translated “Christian” (i.e. follower of Christ).  If you look at the footnote at Matthew 1 of your NIV Bible, you will notice that “Messiah” is given as the equivalent of “Christ.”  It is a language issue because the word “Messiah” is also an English word, and does not appear in Scripture either.


Now for the second part of your question:  “Why don’t Messianic Jews want to be called Christian?”  It is because the popular understanding of the word “Christian” is not only “follower of Christ,” but also “not Jewish.”  The false assumption that one who follows Yeshua cannot be Jewish comes from centuries of the Rabbinical Jewish community’s rejection of Yeshua, and the persecution of Jews by those calling themselves “Christians.”  Remember that Messianic Judaism, as a defined religious movement, had all but disappeared between the first and late 19th centuries.  Most Jews today are therefore taught from childhood:  “You are either a Jew or a Christian; you cannot be both and, if you start believing in Jesus, you stop being a Jew.”  That is, of course, theologically wrong, but it causes great sensitivity about the words “Christian” and “Christ” within the English-speaking Messianic Jewish world.


There is one other connotation of “Christian,” and that is cultural as distinguished from theological. Christians typically keep Sunday, Christmas, and Easter as Holy days, whereas Messianic Jews do not. Messianic Jews keep the seventh day Sabbath, and all of the commanded appointed times mentioned in Leviticus 23, whereas a majority of Christians do not. That being said, I readily use the terms “Christian” and “Christ” when I need to better communicate in non-Jewish environments.



Chavurot Activities




Gibborim Ehmunim                         Art & Judy Cohen
Our chavurah has been studying the book – “The Mystery of the Menorah and the Hebrew Alphabet,” by J.R. Church and Gary Stearman.  Once again, HaShem has amazed us with the intricacy of His Word.  The authors share how the menorah and the Aleph-bet offers an important prophetic teaching for us today.

For those not familiar with our chavurah, we have a time of sharing, prayer, teaching, and of course, food.


                          Nancy & Larry Rothstein

 Ha’Aretz has not been very busy since March. In April, we didn’t meet due to Passover activities. In May, we decided not to have a meeting so we could go to the Israeli Street Festival in No. VA. Many members of Ohev attended this event, not just Ha’Aretz members.   It was the best turnout of Ohev people to a Jewish community event that I have ever seen!   On June 22nd we plan to meet at Jean Brown’s house and review a report/interview from Jonathan Stearman. We like to have new people attend and we would welcome those who would like to discuss topics related to Israel.  


Shomrim                                   Scott & Sherry Moore

Shomrim Chavurah is discussing the book Tent of David by Boaz Michael.  The subject matter is challenging and deals with the role of Messianic Gentiles in churches.  Boaz is the leader of the First Fruits of Zion publishing group, which produces study materials for a large audience.  At one time he was a “one law” advocate, claiming that the Torah is equally applicable to all people.  A few years ago he renounced that view as a result of studies with other Messianic Jewish leaders.  As a result he lost a great number of subscribers, but he remains firmly within the Messianic Jewish world view.


Prison Ministry

Participation in Prison Ministry continues to be a joyful and rewarding ministry. It is currently actively participated by nine of us. We continue to minister to the men and women as the L-rd leads us, and we share with them about Jewish history and culture, the Hebrew aleph bet, the appointed feasts, and have rendered teachings on various biblical topics centering on drawing close to Yeshua, understanding the sovereignty of our Heavenly Father, our role as soldiers in Yeshua‘s army, casting down imaginations and taking captive every thought, to name a few.


Our own Rabbi Michael and his wife Marie are active members of our Prison Ministry team.   Invariably, Rabbi Michael begins his teaching with telling a little something about who we are and then opens up with “Does anyone have any questions?” From there, the Bible study takes on a life of its own as one question after another is asked. The MIND Dorm men are very interested in Jewish matters and they wisely use this time to “Ask the Rabbi”.


The ladies’ Dorm is such that the guard, who is usually female, is seated in the room with the ladies. Recently, Fabiola was sharing with the ladies some history and she shared about a particular day that 30,000 were burned in the Second World War. We were pleasantly surprised toward the very end of our study time by the female guard sharing with the ladies about someone she knew who was in World War 2. She shared a bit about what he had gone through and how terrible it was for him. She also shared about how he survived what he went through. She ended with an encouraging word to the ladies to be thankful for what they have, to make good use of the time they must spend in the Facility, to listen to the teachings of the volunteers and to make necessary changes in their lives so that they will never again have to return.


On one of our recent visits to the Mind Dorm to render Bible Study, we arrived to find Chaplain Perez, who is in charge of the Manassas Adult Detention Center Prison Ministry, known as the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, meeting with the men to give them the good report he had just recently received from his doctor. He shared with us his good news – that he was completely healed of cancer.

We were so excited to receive Chaplain Perez’s report – we had been praying for him along with the men and women of the Facility and others within our congregation. We rejoice with Chaplain Perez and pray for his continued good health and well being.


On March 15, 2014, Art, Judy, Nate, Miguel, Fabiola and I attended the annual Prison Ministry Banquet which was held at the Reconciliation Community Church in Manassas. This year, we were blessed to hear a wonderful encouraging word by Chaplain Perez as he provided us with the long range vision for the Prison Ministry, especially as it pertains to the assistance and help which inmates require after departure from the Facility. Chaplain Perez made an appeal for congregations and individuals to be diligent in joining with and/or continuing their partnership with the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry. We happily joined in with the praise and worship and singing and we enjoyed, of course, the delicious dinner which was served. We look forward to next year’s banquet.

Ladies Bible Study       bibleb.jpg

The Ohev Ladies Bible Study is off to a very good start.  We have been meeting once a month since April at the home of Carol Diaz.  We begin our meeting with a light brunch and fellowship, and then we have our Bible study teaching and close with prayer.  We alternate teachers – Jean Brown, Etta Caldwell, and Judy Cohen.  We are encouraging more ladies to come out and join us at this wonderful time of study and camaraderie.


We have six teams with captains Tracy McDonald, Sharon Waggoner, Lauren Duewer, Eric & Willetta Lee, Sherry Moore and Fabiola Sanders.  These teams do the work of setup, cleanup, and serving of the Oneg Shabbat each week.  If you are new and have not been assigned, please see Sherry Moore (703-627-7992) to be placed on a Ozrim Team.


The schedule is now available on our website!


February Schedule

July 5 – Sanders

July 12 – Younger

July 19 – McDonald

July 26 – Moore

Jewcy News!

Joshua McGhee and Suzanne Bakaysa were married in a beautiful ceremony on May 25th.  Congratulations!

Ron & Cheryl Zapien welcomed their grandson Caleb Abraham Krainess, the first born of former members Matt & Ilissa Kraness, on June 29th.  What a joy!!

Miguel and Fabiola Salazar welcomed their eight grandchild, Sadie Isabel born on July 4th, daughter of their son Luis and wife Janeth.  Rejoice!!

Worship Team 

Our Ohev Worship Team was asked to lead the praise and worship for the Shabbat Service at the recent Tikkun Conference.  Our Torah Team also led the Torah Service for the service as well.  It was a great honor and pleasure for us to serve in this way.  Special thanks to Art Cohen for playing the shofar during “Sound The Shofar Loud.”!  Also, Mary Goetz played our congregational keyboard during his concert at the conference!  So it will be extra anointed now!  See picture above

Bruce Bakaysa

July Birthdays

Happy Birthday!

Samantha Trinidad    9
Anna Husoveck    20
James Stearman    29
Ariana Bluestein    27
Chaya Bluestein    20


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