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Shevat 5776 February 2016 
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When our patriarch Jacob bestowed a final blessing on his sons and, by extension, the tribes who would bear their name, Joseph and Judah are given prominent attention.  Despite his turbulent life, Jacob must have derived great joy in seeing his family unified and reconciled.  Ironically, this father of our faith, whose strongest impulse was to peacefully settle and complete his earthly days in the Land of Promise, must transmit his spiritual heritage in Egypt, the nation that would soon begin enslaving his descendants.
Joseph graciously forgives his brothers’ betrayal and enmity directed toward him years earlier, and the restoration of the brothers to fellowship and godly covenantal faithfulness find their origin in Judah’s heartfelt plea to this harsh minister in pharaoh’s court – a plea, an earnest supplication that Judah’s father not suffer the grief of having his family permanently divided.  When this Egyptian minister is revealed to be none other than Joseph, then Beyt Ya’akov, the house of Jacob, can be reunited and soon will reveal to pharaoh, his court, and all of Egypt that the G-d of Israel has exercised command over all events and circumstances – prosperity, famine, and recovery – and that Joseph’s divinely imparted authority and supernatural wisdom were instrumental in alleviating the collapse of the world’s most powerful economy.
Family unity, echad, for that Jewish community, was achieved under trying conditions.  Today the Jewish community struggles to find common ground and solidarity on any subject, but before we proceed too far down that observational path, we in the Messianic world must ask ourselves some tough questions.  Do we lack power to transform lives and communities because of our resistance to building bridges across doctrinal boundaries among the believing remnant?  And how successful are we in establishing and maintaining connection to all of Beyt Yisrael?  In one of his final statements before becoming the second Joseph and experiencing betrayal, Yeshua prayed that unity and love would distinguish his disciples in Judea, Samaria, and all other regions where they would settle and build community.  In the book of Acts and other apostolic writings we see examples of believers successfully co-existing and bearing witness of Hashem’s covenant kindness, his chesed, within the body of Yeshua across national borders.
As in the case of Judah and Joseph, repentance, supplication, and concern for the Father’s name would seem to be key ingredients for finding unity.  We may reside some distance from the physical Land of Promise, but guarding the unity of the Spirit in the bond of shalom is a worthwhile pursuit wherever we pitch our tents.

D’var Chaim bookstore: Seforim (Hebrew and English Bibles, commentaries, and study guides), Siddurim (prayer books),and Z’mirim (praise and worship CDs).  Drop by during Oneg Shabbat, 12:45p – 1:15p.



Adult Education     
Beit Midrash
In November 2015, Beit Midrash thanked the faithful work of Jean Brown, who coordinated the program for several years.  Coordination of the program transitioned to Lacie Rawlings, as Jean heard the call to devote more attention to some of the other extraordinary ministries at Ohev.
Lacie taught the inaugural lesson which examined the Book of Revelation from an ancient Hebraic perspective.  She discussed the how ancient Jewish wedding rituals mirror what Yochanan discussed in the Revelation.
Steve and Etta Caldwell blessed the congregation with teaching on the importance of diligent prayer.  They offered very practical advice on how and what to pray; Steve distributed a wonderful outline of his personal morning prayers-please let me know if you would like a copy!
Melanie Sollenberger taught the Hebrew of the Shema to a small but wonderful class in December-(she is ready to teach again, we will try to offer a little advance notice in the bulletin so that you can be sure to mark your calendars!).
Art Cohen taught a lesson entitled, “Was There Really No Room at the Inn?”  This lesson offered great perspective on what happened in the season of Yeshua‘s human birth in Bethlehem.
We welcomed 2016 with a teaching by one of our elders, Scott Moore, who taught on “Entering the Holy of Holies in Hebrew Prayer.”  This teaching gave a great overview on how Jewish prayer was cultivated through the centuries and why we continue these traditions today.
Lacie Note:
As a class, we are still adjusting to the new fire code requirements and limitations during our services.  We have tried a couple different locations for the Beit Midrash teaching and feel that returning to the sanctuary for the remainder of the season is the best option.  We encourage each of you to grab a bite at Oneg and then join us for the lesson (starts at 1:30PM)!
In addition, I am personally grateful for the support and encouragement of all the congregants (especially Jean, Art, Judy, and Dennis) as I transition into this new role-following Jean is no easy task!  Feeling blessed for the opportunity, I am looking forward to getting to know many of you more throughout this journey.  Many thanks to all the teachers over the last quarter-and to those we have lined up for this winter.  I thank all that have prayed for blessings to flood into the Beit Midrash ministry over the years and ask that you continue to pray that G-d blesses this time we have together as a community to learn about how to best know and serve G-d.  Finally, I hope that Ohev members prayerfully consider teaching a lesson (or attending a lesson, for that matter), for as it is said, “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

 February BirthdaysHappy Birthday!

Okdong Husoveck     2
Dennis Sollenberger   5
Mary Exline    11


February Anniversaries

Bruce & Nita Bakaysa  14
Steve & Etta Caldwell  16
Art & Judy Cohen       20


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Rabbi Rudolph

The Rabbi’s Corner   

Keeping Torah
Michael Rudolph
In our attempt to explain how our Messianic Jewish lifestyle if different from that of the Christian church, we sometimes say things like: “We keep the Torah” or “We keep the Mosaic Law.” Well, I do not want to make the explanation more difficult for us, but we keep neither, and we had better not unless, by “torah,” (lower case “t”) we mean keeping God’s will broadly. If your response to what I have said is: “Oh, of course we cannot keep those things that require the Holy Temple and its animal sacrifices,” then try keeping these two commandments of the Torah that require neither:
Exodus 31:13-15: Tell the people of Isra’el, ‘You are to observe my Shabbats; for this is a sign between me and you through all your generations; so that you will know that I am ADONAI, who sets you apart for me. Therefore you are to keep my Shabbat, because it is set apart for you. Everyone who treats it as ordinary must be put to death; for whoever does any work on it is to be cut off from his people. On six days work will get done; but the seventh day is Shabbat, for complete rest, set apart for ADONAI. Whoever does any work on the day of Shabbat must be put to death.”
Deuteronomy 21:18-21: “If a man has a stubborn, rebellious son who will not obey what his father or mother says, and even after they discipline him he still refuses to pay attention to them; then his father and mother are to take hold of him and bring him out to the leaders of his town, at the gate of that place, and say to the leaders of his town, ‘This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious, he doesn’t pay attention to us, lives wildly, gets drunk.’ Then all the men of his town are to stone him to death; in this way you will put an end to such wickedness among you, and all Isra’el will hear about it and be afraid.”
I think you get my point, which is that no one keeps the Mosaic Law today – not the church, not us, and not the Orthodox synagogue down the street. The real difference in the way that much of the church approaches the Torah and the way that we do is that the church tends to ignore what was commanded prior to Yeshua, while we focus on it, and try to adapt it. And try we must, for
2 Timothy 3:16-17 reminds us:
“All Scripture is God-breathed and is valuable for teaching the truth, convicting of sin, correcting faults and training in right living; thus anyone who belongs to God may be fully equipped for every good work.”
So, how do we uphold the value of the Scriptures of the Mosaic Law given under that covenant? We use what is unique to the New Covenant (which we are now under), and consult the Holy Spirit for application. Remember that the word “torah” means God’s teaching, so we, the church, and the synagogue down the street should all seek to keep torah.

Chavurot Activities
Shomrim                                    Scott & Sherry Moore
The Shomrim chavurah has been missing a lot of meetings due to travel (to Israel) and snow.  When we start again, we will continue our study of the First Principles, found in Hebrews 6.  We are nearly through this series, and we will be looking at topics for the future over the next few sessions.

Gibborim Ehmunim                         Art & Judy Cohen 
The Gibborim Ehmunim Chavurah continues to meet every other week at 7:15 pm. in the home of Jean Brown, in Dumfries. The Cohen’s lead the group with the assistance of Jean Brown and David Elliot. Our studies have varied, but currently we are studying the Psalms and the V’ahavta.
Ha’Aretz                          Nancy & Larry Rothstein
 In October, we did a discussion about the temple mount, clashes on the mount and terrorist attacks in Jerusalem. This was based on an online article at the website Arutz Sheva.  In November, we had a Skype interview with Jonathan Moore about the topic boycotting and divestment against Israel.  In December, we watched a movie about the persecution against jews, including boycotting and antisemitism. This movie was sent as a link to us from Jonathan Moore.  We took a break in January as several of us traveled to Israel with Yosher Tours.  We look forward to our February meeting and a new year.  Shalom. Nancy rothstein


Prison Ministry

Ohev Prison Ministry Volunteers minister to two groups at the Adult Detention Center in Manassas, Virginia, namely, the WIND Dorm (Women in New Direction) and MIND Dorm (Men in New Direction). The WIND Dorm ministry takes place at 7:30 each Monday morning and the MIND Dorm ministry takes place at 9:30 each Monday morning. It is our prayer and desire that those men and women enrolled in the programs will be sincere and diligent in learning how to live and apply the Word of G-d to their lives and will allow the RuachHaKodesh to lead and guide them and keep them in the new direction they have chosen. Our Prison Ministry teachings, along with other Volunteers from Churches, provide Scripturally and biblically based teachings which we trust the inmates will find spiritually encouraging and uplifting and that they will truly allow the Word of G-d to transform them into disciples of Yeshua and into all that Yeshua would have them to be.
Ohev’sPrison Ministry Volunteers were invited to a dinner at Rabbi Michael and Marie Rudolph’s on January 23, 2016 to celebrate those who have served in the Prison Ministry and to share and discuss Prison Ministry accomplishments and matters. Due to the inclement weather, our dinner date was postponed to February 13h.   We look forward to having a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing. We take this opportunity to extend an invitation to anyone who has the time and feels led to join our Prison Ministry Volunteer Team. Our Prison Ministry Team is comprised of the following individuals: Rabbi Michael Rudolph, Marie Rudolph, Art and Judy Cohen, Nathaniel Michael, Mary McCloy, Jim Eadie, Rani Mims, Johnny Younger and Jean Brown. I encourage you to speak to some of the Team to ask them to share with you their experiences in serving as Prison Ministry Volunteers. If you feel you would like to join in this ministry, please see Jean Brown so she can answer any questions you may have and initiate the process which would include filling out application papers and ultimately attending an orientation session at the Manassas Adult Detention Center.
Mary McCloy and I felt led to treat the men and women to donuts so at Thanksgiving we were given permission to take donuts to the women and at Christmas we were given permission to take donuts to the men. Both groups were very appreciative and expressed joy in receiving a tasty, but maybe not so nutritious, donuts. Mary also made a donation to the WIND Dorm women of about 35 books which were donated to her from Choice Books, along with about 15 Guideposts and Angels magazines, all of which contained stories and articles lending towards providing spiritual guidance and encouragement.
Our Ohev congregation recently made a $500.00 donation to the Manassas Prince William Adult Detention Center.

We have six teams with captains: Tracy McDonald,
Eliah Sexton, Lauren Duewer, Patricia & Johnny Younger, Sherry Moore and Fabiola Sanders.  These teams do the work of setup, cleanup, and serving of the
Oneg Shabbat each week.  If you are new and have not been assigned, please see Sherry Moore (703-627-7992) to be placed on a Ozrim Team.

The schedule is now available on our website!


February Schedule

February 6 Sanders 
February 13 Younger

 February 27 Moore

Ohev Family   

The Benevolence Committee asks for your help as the need for financial assistance continues to grow faster than the contributions. If you can possibly contribute to the welfare of our Ohev families in need, please consider this a request for your donations. The families of Ohev and your Benevolence Committee thank you for your generous giving.

May HaShem richly bless

you for your faithfulness to His community.



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